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Our Community Empowerment Program is Two-Fold

Out of the estimated 40 million Ugandans, young people constitutes 75%. About 21% are students and fall between the ages 15-24 years old. The issues faced by this demographic include sexual abuse, lack of access to education, lack of social protection, and inadequate health information. Despite the significant steps made by the government in the socio-economic improvement, young people continue to struggle for access to quality education and remain vulnerable to social injustices and challenges including HIV epidemic, domestic violence, poverty and illiteracy.

The center serves as a home for at-risk children who have grown up amidst conditions of poverty and neglect. We seek to ensure that these children grow up with the love of a supportive family and a place to call home. Bitone helps meet their immediate physical needs – food, shelter, clothing, medical support.

Bitone Children Center
Bitone Children Center

What’s the impact of your donation?

  • $100 – Buys clothes for a child for a year
  • $100 – Buys toiletries and other personal items for one child for a year
  • $60   – Covers a rudimentary health plan for a child per year
  • $25   – Provides three nutritious meals for one child for one week

In a safe and nurturing environment, children develop the emotional, psychological, and physical strength. They gain self confidence to productively and positively deal with their past. The values and self-esteem acquired in a family environment overtime prepares them to become ambassadors of peace-building in communities. At this stage, therefore, Bitone provides disadvantaged communities with the tools to create bright futures for themselves.

Our community programs are accomplished through the use of music, dance, and theatre. Through musical arts, we sensitize masses on issues partinent to health, hygiene and sanitation, domestic violence, child labor, economic opportunities, and human rights. These efforts create space for individuals in community to take ownership of their lives, so as to pave personal paths out of poverty.

Roadmap for 2018
To amplify our impact in communities, we plan to open up a physical “space” with a community library, computer center, and play ground where the youth and community members gather to improve their literacy and computer skills. We believe that this initiative will benefit young people particularly those who have lacked opportunity.