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In Uganda, the rates of illiteracy, mortality, and poverty surpass those of many neighboring countries. According to US government surveys (2016), Uganda’s children are among the world’s least likely to complete primary school, and are neary twice as likely as children in Kenya and Rwanda to die.

Our Response

Bitone sponsors those children that otherwise would not have the means to pay for school. Although there are so many children who deserve education support, we can only enroll a small number at a time. Since our promise is to maximize impact, we mostly identify those children who are needy but with academic potential to excel.

Bitone Children Center
Bitone Children Center
Bitone Children Center
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Why Education?

By investing in education, we are developing a generation of leaders that will drive economic development and create positive social change. With over a decade of experience, Bitone Center has learned that providing quality education along life skills to the needy kids is an effective contributor to peacebuilding, economic empowerment and community change. Bitone supports kids from areas that represent communities of great need, mostly for children who have lost parents or their homes due to disease, domestic violence, war, and/or economic hardships.

In poverty, children are the hardest hit as they are often forced to sacrifice education for work in order to survive. Although youth between ages 15-24 may still be in school and working towards their educational goals, “it is notable that approximately 4% of youth have no formal education and 52% of youth have not completed primary education, (UNESCO, 2014).

Levels of Education

Primary School (Upper): Ages 9 – 12 years olds
Lower Secondary: Ages 13 -16 years olds
Upper Secondary: Ages 17-18 years olds
College/University: Ages 19 – 22 years olds
Vocational School: From age of 16 years

Impact of Your Donation

  • $2,000 – will buy scholastic materials for 15 kids
  • $1,500 – will pay fees for 3 kids for a term
  • $1,000 – will pay college tuition for one child for a semester
  • $800    – will pay fees for one vocational student for a term
  • $500    – will buy school shoes for 15 kids for a year
  • $300    – will pay fees for one kid for a term
  • $200    – will buy porridge for 10 kids for a term